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Sue Pats has been a solopreneur for the majority of her life, possessing an impressive academic background with MS degrees in both Pharmacology and Computer Science. She skillfully merged her expertise from these fields and ventured into the realm of health e-commerce. Additionally, she ran a successful placement firm, matching candidates with full-time job opportunities.

A few years back, an unfortunate spinal cord injury left her bedridden, presenting her with a difficult decision of undergoing surgery or seeking an alternative path. She chose the latter, embracing alternate medicine and spirituality for her recovery. Miraculously, she made a full recovery without the need for surgery. This life-changing event inspired her to take a new direction in her journey.

Sue made a heartfelt decision to dedicate her life to supporting fellow solopreneurs, empowering them to initiate and expand their businesses with ease. This led to the creation of two valuable platforms, and Through these websites, she offers a wide array of free and value-added resources, including insightful blogs, engaging podcasts, informative YouTube content, enriching eCourses, and captivating digital branding materials.

Sue understands the challenges that solopreneurs face, as many struggle to sustain their businesses beyond the first year, and even fewer manage to reach the fifth year. Driven by her passion, she aspires to see every solopreneur realize their dreams and embrace the ideal life they have always envisioned.

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Unlock Your Potential with Expert Guidance. Accelerate Your Business Growth through Regular Live Training & Q&A Sessions. You're never alone on this journey, and your feedback shapes our tailor-made training to better serve you.

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We understand that collaboration is a powerful force that can propel businesses to greater heights. As a member of our platform, you gain free access to our Joint-Venture win-win collaboration community, where you can unlock the potential of working together with fellow entrepreneurs and borrow their audiences to grow your business.

Lifetime Access & Updates

We understand that your journey as an entrepreneur is an ongoing process, and we want to be with you every step of the way. With us, you gain lifetime access to our eCourses and a supportive community that will be there to assist you whenever you need it.

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We believe that your journey with us should be dynamic and full of delightful surprises. Our dedication to providing regular updates and surprise bonuses reflects our genuine commitment to your growth and success.

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We understand that visibility and exposure are vital for the success of any business. As a member of our community, we offer you a platform to showcase your brand and reach a wider audience through our podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, social media, etc.

Subscribers Only Weekly Free Resources

Every week, on Monday, we will be sending out a special email to all our subscribers, with links to exclusive resources that are completely free for you to access. These resources are carefully curated to add value to your learning journey, covering a wide range of topics relevant to entrepreneurs like you.

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Gain lifetime access to our eCourses and a supportive community that will be with you every step of the way.

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We regularly add surprise bonuses and extra modules to our courses, and as a member, you get FREE access to these valuable additions.

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Enjoy the benefits of low DIY (do it yourself) pricing without compromising on (done with you) quality. We provide continuous help and support through Facebook Live training and Q&A sessions.

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Get the spotlight you deserve! Our nuBeginning- Inspiration for All podcasts give you priority exposure to our audience.

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Your business profile will be showcased to our vast network of followers across various social platforms and through our email subscribers.

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Expanding multi-media exposure across YouTube, podcasts, social media, blogs, and thousands of email subscribers.

Joint-Venture Collaboration:

Join our Joint-Venture community for win-win collaborations that allow you to tap into other people's audiences and accelerate your business growth. We take pride in our thriving community, which is built on collaboration, not competition. Witness the tangible successes of fellow entrepreneurs within our nurturing network.

Premium Guarantees:

Count on top-notch service and support with premium guarantees backing our commitment to your success.

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Gain exclusive access to our weekly free resources, specially curated for subscribers like you.

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As a valued affiliate partner, earn a generous 50% commission for each referral you bring to

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"The surprise bonuses are a game-changer! I've gained so much more knowledge and insights than I expected. Thank you,!" - Sarah, Online Retailer

"Being featured on the 'nuBeginning - Inspiration for All' podcast gave my business a significant boost. The exposure was incredible!" - Michael, Solopreneur

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