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The Story of nuBeginning:

We know the “New Beginning”!

Nobody needs to be stuck in their lives. Everybody deserves a new beginning. The foundation of this blog site is based on my new beginning, which came out of a suggestion from my youngest daughter. My family saw my inclination toward spirituality and during one of our family discussions, my youngest daughter suggested that I start writing a blog on spirituality. That was the beginning!

Everyone’s life is full of challenges, mine was too, but I got a break in my life. I could learn success principles and better my life. Now the main goal I have in my life is to share this information with others so that they can better their lives. When the foundation of your life is spirituality and success principles; you can achieve great heights of success by serving others, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals. I learned it the really hard way when I was bedridden, but surely I got the bonus life and now want to serve the solopreneurs, and provide them free resources; as I have been a solopreneur most of my life.

Though the start of “nuBeginning” was with blogs, most of those blogs are being changed into Vlogs; so that people can listen to them on a Podcast or watch them on YouTube. Do you have an inspiring story of transformation that you want to share with others? Sure, then fill out our Podcast Application Form.

We have a couple of YouTube channels; one dedicated to starting and growing a business and also self-development. On this channel, we also interview successful business owners, so that the audience can get a broader perspective. The other channel is for lifestyle. The lifestyle channel covers mostly topics on wellness and travel; as I am really passionate about those things. A lot of travel tips coming up soon.

We do have a section on deals and reviews; which covers the available deals, reviews, and comparisons. The mindset section is to cultivate a business owner's mindset and grow big in life and business. Our lifestyle section is mainly to convey that if you follow your dream, don’t give up, and work consistently and persistently; you can achieve anything you want. eCourses designed especially for solopreneurs, and small, home-based, online business owners to achieve exponential growth for your small business with our user-friendly roadmap of DIY eCourses. Double your profits in half the time and make your dream life a reality. As a bonus, we do provide digitals to save time, and money and increase productivity; those are available through our sister company MynuBeginning.com.

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So, are you ready for “Your nuBeginning”?

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