"Small List -> Convert into Big Profit to Create Time and Money on Autopilot"


"Maximize Your Profits with a Full-Funnel of Offers"

Are You Throwing Money Away or Just Leaving it on the Table?

Looking to Increase Your Profit with Your Existing List?

Tired of Working Hard, Craving to Work Smart?

If so, then the "Small List->Convert BIG" online course could be exactly what you need. Focused on helping people as they capitalize on their prospective or current clients, this innovative e-course provides powerful strategies and guidance for creating sustainable online income through building a thriving offer of funnels, that meets clients' needs while having fun, and not feeling salesy or pushy. You thoroughly enjoy your business, and here's how!

Watch our experience with the course:

Funnel Word itself Scared me!

The Funnels sounded so complicated and I felt if I do one step wrong, then will create a never-ending loop or something. But the course told me that if I am smart enough to start my business, I am smart enough to set up my offer funnel, with a clear roadmap. This course gave me a clear guidelines and I am enjoying it.

Suz Garee

As a New Online Business Owner,

So Many Challenges in Setting Up Offer Funnel

  • Not targeting the right people
  • Don't have enough subscribers
  • Not getting enough traffic
  • How to follow up with them
  • Don't know what to offer and when
  • How to find their interests and use those to convert better
  • How nurture them if they don't buy the CORE offer
  • How to set a powerful CTA
  • How to set various levels of offers

But the Main Challenges While Setting Up the Offer Funnel

I Went on Vacation but My

Offer Funnel Kept on Working!


  • You can have more time with your family
  • You can follow your dreams
  • You can bless many more people
  • Money won't be deciding factor ever in your life
  • You can retire your parents if they are still working
  • You can experience FREEDOM in almost all areas

This is exactly what I achieved!


Small List -> Convert BIG (with Offer Funnel)

Imagine How Your Life will be Once You Automate Your Business!

As a New Online Business Owner, I spent thousands of dollars investing in funnel outsourcing services, and now this is a tried and proven formula from my teacher, using which you can monetize your offers and automate sales on cruise control while you sleep; now you are getting this wealth of info for the fraction of the cost!

The Course Helped Me Make Money on Autopilot!

I never thought that my business will be automated and my funnels will be working whether I work or not, but it sure happened.

Rich Grant

You'll Learn

Course Curriculum

Define the Ideal Customer for Your Funnel

Module 1

  • Lesson 1: Clarify Your Core Offer
  • Lesson 2: Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

The Different Types of Offers and Which Ones Fit in

Your Funnel

Module 2

  • Lesson 1: Define Your Core Offer’s UVP
  • Lesson 2: Choose a Powerful Lead Magnet
  • Lesson 3: Identify an Effective Low-Ticket Offer
  • Lesson 4: Create an Urgent One-time Offer
  • Lesson 5: Develop an Attractive Subscription Offer
  • Lesson 6: Add in a Valuable Order Bump
  • Lesson 7: Identify an Enticing Upsell
  • Lesson 8: Create an Effective Downsell

Map Your Funnel Flow

Module 3

  • Lesson 1: Map Out a ‘Lead Magnet to Core Offer’ Funnel
  • Lesson 2: Automating & Segmenting Your Funnel

Develop a Content Plan to Convert Leads to Customers in Your Funnel

Module 4

  • Lesson 1: Identify the Content You’ll Need
  • Lesson 2: Create Powerful CTAs
  • Lesson 3: Plan B – What if They Don’t Purchase?

Attract People into

Your Offer Funnel

Module 5

  • Grow your business with a smart content plan. Learn how to use content to convert leads into customers within your sales funnel and get the results you want.

Review and Refine

Your Funnel

Module 6

  • Discover how to review and refine your sales funnel for even better results. Learn how to create powerful content that drives leads further down the funnel. Get started now!

I Love to Serve

I love to serve, always thought I can serve everyone and that attitude was not attracting anyone. Was so hesitant to set my "Ideal Customer Profile" but once I did then the rest is HISTORY!

Mark Chen

Also Included:


Valued: $199

Valued: $199

Valued: $499

Valued: $199

Will it Serve My Niche?



Service Providers


  1. Freelance writer
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Virtual assistant
  4. Social media manager
  5. Content creator
  6. Life coach
  7. Personal trainer
  8. Web developer
  9. Photographer
  10. Consultant
  11. Event planner
  12. Online course creator
  13. Podcast host
  14. Etsy shop owner
  15. Blogger
  16. Online marketing strategist
  17. SEO specialist
  18. Copywriter
  19. Nutritionist
  20. Personal stylist

✔ Brand Designer

✔ Mindset Coach

✔ Podcast Manager

✔ Web Designer

✔ Copy Writer

✔ Financial Coach

✔ Bookkeeper

✔ Business Coach

✔ Spiritual Healer

✔ Blogger

✔ Self-Love Coach

✔ Content Writer

✔ Digital Agency

✔ Food Coach

✔ Automation Specialist

✔ Relationship Coach

✔ PR Manager

✔ Accountant

✔ Counselor

✔ Editor

✔ Sex Coach

✔ Funnel Builder

✔ Social Media Manager

✔ Virtual Assistant

✔ Life Coach

✔ Parenting Coach

✔ Interior Designer

✔ Home Organizer

✔ Ads Manager

✔ Intuitive Coach

✔ Event Organizer

✔ Author

✔ Freelancer

✔ Therapist

✔ Personal Coach

✔ Online Educator

✔ Career Coach

✔ Energy Healer

✔ HR Manager

✔ Writing Coach

✔ Investing Coach

✔ Customer Service Strategist

✔ Digital Marketer

✔ Wellness Coach

✔ Sales Coach

✔ Course Creator

✔ Video Editor

✔ Health Coach

✔ Email Marketer

✔ Content Creator

✔ PPC Manager

✔ Photographer

✔ Social Media Coach

✔ Lawyer

✔ Language Teacher

✔ Music Teacher

✔ Travel Agent

✔ Anxiety Coach

✔ Divorce Coach

✔ Online Business Manager

✔ Artist

✔ Astrology Coach

✔ Family Coach

Small List-> Convert BIG!

You Will Get:

A Must-Have Resource for Online Business Owners.

  • 01. Define the Ideal Customer for Your Funnel (Value $199)
  • 02. The Different Types of Offers and Which Ones Fit in Your Funnel (Value $499)
  • 03. Map Your Funnel Flow (Value $399)
  • 04. Develop a Content Plan to Convert Leads to Customers in Your Funnel (Value $299)
  • 05. Attract People to Your Offer Funnel (Value $499)
  • 06. Review and Refine (Value $199)
  • BONUS: Animated IG Posts (Value $199)
  • BONUS: Engaging Questions (Value $199)
  • BONUS: B2B Sales Funnel (Value $499)
  • BONUS: Lead Magnet Checklist & Template (Value $199)

Total Value: $3190

Regular Price: $999

Today's Price: $299

I Had only a CORE Offer

I am a fitness trainer, just had a CORE offer to help my clients lose weight and build muscle. But this course taught me how I can serve my clients at their needs. I could do variations on my CORE offer which created a Win-Win for me and my clients.

Jonathan Ranne

I Understood Nurturing.

The course taught me how to nurture my clients. If they are not ready, I kept on providing them with valuable information from time to time; which created a future business for me.

Paula Winters

Learned How to do a CTA

I always thought that I have the best offer, they need it and they will take it. It was not happening until I added powerful CTAs. These Call to Action Closers are working out really great, loving it!

Sheila Evans

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Join us today and embark on a transformative journey toward a well-rounded and fulfilling entrepreneurial adventure!


"The surprise bonuses are a game-changer! I've gained so much more knowledge and insights than I expected. Thank you, nuBeginning.com!" - Sarah, Online Retailer

"Being featured on the 'nuBeginning - Inspiration for All' podcast gave my business a significant boost. The exposure was incredible!" - Michael, Solopreneur


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales funnel?

Sales funnel is the term for the sales process. Just to keep it simple, find a need and provide a solution to your prospect. In our experience, we learned to build one funnel, and after that, every funnel became easier.

What are the different types of sales funnels

There are various kinds of the sales funnel, but mostly there are 2 main categories B2B & B2C. The Offer Funnel course is applicable for both cases. We are providing a specialized B2B checklist as a bonus for you.

How your course is better than other courses?

That is what you have to decide. We have done enough surveys and spent thousands of dollars learning this knowledge. Most courses cost way more than our DIY course, for the fraction of the price. This is a practical and proven formula and worked for people who applied it.

Do I need a sales funnel?

Of course not, there are other ways to build a business. But in our experience, this method automated our business in the best possible way.

Can I just outsource my funnel, why should I take this course?

Of course, you can outsource your funnel, but most cost multiple times more than this course cost. You are smart enough to start a business, so of course you are smart enough to DIY your funnel. In case of any questions, we do provide up to one full hour of one on one coaching in helping build your business.

What are the benefits of using a sales funnel?

This course focuses on making you profitable ASAP. Once you have your system set up to generate revenues, automation can be set on any platform. This course is designed mainly for solopreneurs, and online home-based business owners to become profitable during a short time frame.

Premium Guarantees


Your Premium Guarantee

You must have heard of a 100% money-back guarantee, what does it serve? You are taking the course to improve your situation, right? We understand that.

"Our guarantee:

After the course completion, if required; we can carry out a one-on-one meeting to help you solve any problems you may be facing for up to one hour; within 60 days of purchase. This consultation is well worth well over $500.."

This headline makes a bold promise that the product will work, and if it doesn't, the customer will get personal help to ensure they succeed.

You're not alone in this journey. Let us help you make the most of your small list.

With our help, you can make money from your list in no time!

Just email support@nuBeginning.com within 60 days of purchase to set up a one-on-one consultation if needed.

Don't Miss Your Chance. It's now or never...

A few months from today, you could still be struggling to get your online client-generating system set up... struggling to create an online presence that showcases your expertise... and struggling to make sales.

Or... you could be the one everyone is talking about... with your own powerhouse of sales on cruise control using automated funnels bringing you new clients and sales every day.

Remember, this complete, gorgeous, fully functioning offer funnel will change your destiny; when you invest today.

No waiting for weeks or months.

Everything you need to sell, using an OFFER FUNNEL!

Have you seen anyone giving a premium guarantee of hand-holding and making you succeed? We do that. We have been struggling entrepreneurs and it is our passion to help struggling solopreneurs, and small business owners.

Small List-> Convert BIG

What's Included:

A Must-Have Resource for Online Business Owners.

  • 01. Define the Ideal Customer for Your Funnel (Value $199)
  • 02. The Different Types of Offers and Which Ones Fit in Your Funnel (Value $499)
  • 03. Map Your Funnel Flow (Value $399)
  • 04. Develop a Content Plan to Convert Leads to Customers in Your Funnel (Value $299)
  • 05. Attract People to Your Offer Funnel (Value $499)
  • 06. Review and Refine (Value $199)
  • BONUS: Animated IG Posts (Value $199)
  • BONUS: Engaging Questions (Value $199)
  • BONUS: B2B Sales Funnel (Value $499)
  • BONUS: Lead Magnet Checklist & Template (Value $199)

Total Value: $3190

Regular Price: $999

Today's Price: $299

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